Bathroom renovations guide: Step by step plan for beautiful bathrooms in Jersey

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Bathrooms are sacred spaces – serene boltholes where we can find a moment’s peace. Bathroom renovations offer an exciting opportunity to indulge in sumptuous bathroom design with beautiful fixtures and fittings.

So how do you ensure you get your bathroom renovation right? Plumbing for numerous outlets, fixed features plus a desire for tranquility mean remodelling a bathroom can feel daunting.

Yet there are steps you can follow to ensure your bathroom update is the perfect fit for you and your family. Having spent more than 25 years as bathroom designers in Jersey, we’ve gathered a great collection of tips and ideas for successful bathroom design.

From where to start to planning permission and hidden costs, read on for a step by step guide to designing the stunning bathroom you’ve always envisaged for your home.

Bathroom renovations guide: Step by step plan for bathrooms in Jersey

  1. A tailored space: It’s easy to start gathering bathroom design ideas without taking some time to think about what you and your family truly need from your renovation. Consider the successes and failures of your existing space.


How would you and your family prefer to use your bathroom? Are there fixed features which must remain in place? As you create a plan, you’ll have a clear direction for the priorities for your renovation. Begin by deciding where the toilet will go then the sink and bath.


  1. Costs: Bathrooms are pampering spaces so renovation costs can rise quickly. If you have a plan with fixed priorities, you’ll be able to keep your project on track and ensure adequate funds are reserved for the indulgent spends you desire most.


  1. Planning permission: The dreaded red tape of applications for planning permission could come into play if you choose to do a full-scale renovation. Moving around permanent features, such as the toilet or bath, involve complexities and costs due to the waste pipework attached to each.


If you are thinking about moving around important fixtures in your bathroom in Jersey, do get in touch. Work of this nature may or may not be beneficial. In fact, an expert rework of your existing layout may deliver the same, if not better results.


  1. Priorities: Space, storage and a divine bath are always popular priorities. Floating sinks and toilets, his and hers sinks and taps mounted on walls are all top ways to create a sense of space in your new bathroom


  1. Hidden spends: You’re highly likely to have considered good quality tiles for the walls but don’t forget about flooring, heating and fittings for the perfect finish.


The type of floor covering you choose for your bathroom will need to be able to stand up to the wet environment long-term. Tiles are always a popular, robust option. Leave room for works to be carried out on the floor underneath the floor covering. You may find it needs to be levelled or is in need of another type of repair for general wear and tear which will add to renovation costs.


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