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At Bauformat Interior Design Studio in Jersey, we understand every aspect of a room’s interior is highly considered, right down to the tiniest of details.

That’s why we’ve sought to bring homes in Jersey the best, bespoke high-end brands, hand-sourced from across Europe, for over 25 years. Popular demand throughout the Channel Islands means we have expanded our range of luxury products for home even further.

From bespoke bedroom furniture to sublime bathroom furnishings, exclusive solutions for living spaces, kitchens and outdoor areas, we make it possible for homeowners in Jersey to create the luxury interiors they desire.

Luxury Interiors & Interior Design Services in Jersey

Combining bespoke products and high-end interior design services, we source beautiful, one-off pieces to complete each room’s unique aesthetic whilst delivering the exclusive, end-to-end design services you need for your home.

Whether you want to add a touch of warmth to living spaces with Contardi’s unrivalled lighting solutions, commission a statement bookshelf for a treasured collection, finally find that elusive.

sideboard which is the perfect fusion of timeless classic and contemporary gem or transform your home with inspired renovations to create the dream living solution you’ve craved for so long, we have a full spectrum of interior design solutions to suit every desire.

Leading Interior Designers, Jersey

Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team will take you from consultation to bespoke design and installation. Your seamless, bespoke service will include our expert interior designers, skilled fitters, exclusive exciting quality brands, one-off products and more.

Offering an unrivalled end-to-end interior design service in Jersey where detail, quality and sustainability prevail, our clients come back to us again and again with a different set of needs each time.

Whether you want to inject some personality into your space with mood-enhancing colour, create a minimalist, neutral, clean space to rejuvenate and unwind or need some design inspiration, you’ll find our luxury products and interior design services unwrap endless possibilities for your home.

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Interiors & Outdoor Living

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