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We believe your outdoor space should be as inviting and enjoyable as the inside of your home.

At Bauformat Jersey, our luxury garden furniture continues to expand as we aim to meet the fast-growing demand for superior outdoor furniture for Jersey homes.

Continuing our unrivalled reputation for exceptional, high-end brands and sublime interior design, you’ll find our exclusive, bespoke garden furniture the perfect match for your interior décor.

Bespoke Garden Furniture, Jersey

From pizza ovens to outdoor showers and fire pits, our luxury garden furniture ensures you can create the year-round outdoor dining and living spaces which have become so popular.

Our beautiful range of high-end outdoor furniture is a carefully curated collection of hand-sourced, bespoke pieces from Europe’s most distinguished brands and one-off designs. Partnering with quality brands who create innovative, stylish and sustainable products, you’ll find a thrilling range of luxury solutions for outdoors.

With sustainability at the heart of all we do, we deliver a fine balance of both traditional pieces which never age and contemporary design innovations which are the perfect answer to every elusive need.

Exceptional Pizza Ovens for Your Channel Island Home

Jersey furniture designers for over 25 years, whether you need an exceptional pizza oven, fire pit, outdoor retreat or divine place to gather with family and friends, our expert team can provide the complete end-to-end design solution for your outdoor space.

Outdoor pizza ovens are top of the list for so many outdoor spaces. From wood-fired pizza ovens, to gas pizza ovens, stone pizza ovens, pizza ovens to cook multiple pizzas at once, compact constructions with larger openings and bespoke builds, we’ll bring you an exquisite, curated range of high-performing solutions, guaranteed to send your creative juices into overdrive.

Our expert in-house outdoor furniture designers will walk you through our bespoke range of styles, listening to your ideas whilst enriching our understanding of you and your home.

Why Bauformat?

We’ll advise you on the perfect custom products for your outdoor space. With a full range of bespoke garden furniture design services available, we can take you from consultation to bespoke furniture design and installation.

Our attention to detail is unmatched with a multi-disciplinary in-house team to ensure your journey is the consistent, quality service you expect at every stage of your project.

Exclusive Designs For Outdoor Living

Whether you want to inject some personality into your garden or create a more comfortable, long-lasting space in which to unwind and entertain, come to our showroom here in St. Helier, Jersey for a design experience to ignite your creativity and unravel your deepest wishes for your outdoor space. Alternatively, get in touch to book a consultation with us.

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We partner with quality brands that create innovative, stylish, and sustainable products. So, if you're looking to inject some personality into your garden, or you want a comfortable and long-lasting space to unwind in your outdoor space, our collection of products are harnessed to create endless possibilities for our customers.