Best kitchen layouts: Essential ideas to elevate your Jersey kitchen design


The kitchen is the busiest space in any contemporary home so choosing the right kitchen layout is essential. Serving multiple purposes, the best kitchen layouts are practical and appealing, creating a sense of space, even in the smallest kitchens.

Our modern desire to be able to eat, prepare and relax in our kitchens mean securing a successful layout is a tall order. However, 25 years experience designing beautiful kitchens in Jersey guarantees we have all the top tips you need to install the best kitchen layout for your family.

From kitchen types to planning priorities and how to lay out appliances and fixtures for kitchen design success, read on for all the best ideas you need to know to create your dream kitchen.

Best kitchen layouts: Essential ideas to elevate your Jersey kitchen design

  1. Plan for success: Though kitchen design inspiration is easy to find, start with a plan tailored to the needs of you and family as well as the space. Give yourself time to look at what works, doesn’t work and what you need to add to your existing kitchen. Note how many appliances you have or need plus fixed features, such as pipes and power points. Create a bespoke plan for the dream kitchen you and your family desire on a day to day basis.
  2. Kitchen types: There are a number of top kitchen types which each offer something different. Pick the kitchen type which will work best for the many practical ways you and your family want to use your kitchen.
  3. Galley kitchen layouts: Galley kitchens are the best kitchen layouts for most small kitchens. Take storage high and keep it together along one wall, accompanied by open shelving on the other, to create more space.
  4. L-shaped kitchen layouts: L-shaped kitchen layouts are extremely popular because they are highly functional, fit easily in medium sized kitchens and leave lots of space at one end. Great for interactions, place a peninsula on one end, accompanied by stools in a pop of colour, to create relaxed seating for family and friends.
  5. Island and u-shaped kitchens: For larger kitchens, island kitchen layouts and u-shaped kitchens are in high demand. You’ll find many open-plan kitchens in Jersey with island kitchens which help to create a divine zoned kitchen area in a multi-functional space.
  6. Room to manoeuvre: Your chosen kitchen layout should offer plenty of space for the whole family to move around the kitchen with ease. The kitchen triangle method is the industry standard for kitchen layout organisation. Begin planning by deciding where the sink should go because pipework and plumbing mean options are limited. Next choose the locations of the fridge and the cooker so the trio form a triangle which puts each within easy reach of each other. Fridges are often located at an end alongside tall storage whilst bins are regularly positioned close to the sink.
  7. Pleasurable: Above all, your kitchen should be a pleasurable space for every member of the family so make lots of light, views of the garden and family, easy interactions with others and comfy seating a priority. The placement of worktops, cookers, seating and sinks should all help to ensure the kitchen is an enjoyable place for all.

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